Ingenuity at the service of the sophistication

Following the codes of an elitist microcosm, Triomphe pays particular attention to surrounding itself with the best craftsmen in the process of making each of its pieces. Thus, specialists in fine leathers, true gem artists and master goldsmiths join forces in a process of shaping exceptional objects.

The praise of excellence

With its unique expertise drawn from the heart of an ultra high-end universe, La Maison Triomphe Paris dexterously selects the noblest and most precious materials for its collections. A technocrat of luxury, Triomphe guarantees performance, aesthetics and sumptuousness at the same time.

Noblest materials

The manufacture and coating of luxury items elevated to the status of jewels requires the use of noble and precious raw materials. Respecting this solemn promise, the house of Triomphe Paris only uses precious metals – gold, pink gold, silver or platinum -, carbon and numerous precious, fine or ornamental stones.